Clangor Studio

Clangor studio is a modern, perspective music production studio. It was transformed from a „bedroom style“ to professional studio in 2019 – after more than 5 years of acquiring experience.

We focus on mixing and mastering services of mostly rock and metal genres. However, we would be pleased to show our skills also on pop-rock, acoustic music projects and bands, solo acts,… – simply, we love real instruments and honest music. Our philosophy is to interconnect modern sound engineering approach and styles with the heritage of the past. That´s why we extensively use the principles of analog sound processing as with digital emulation plugins as with hardware processors. We love new approaches and we would gladly provide our clients with original sound according to their taste. We have the desired experience from both worlds – from behind the mixing console as well as from musician´s perspective. This allows us to blend band´s expectations with technical aspects of sound processing.